Instructional DVD: Rooting Your Reborn Baby

Instructional DVD:<br> Rooting Your Reborn Baby
Instructional DVD:
Rooting Your Reborn Baby
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Product Description

Learn how to root the hair of a reborn baby doll!

Many people learn best by watching something being done, if you can relate to that learning style, this tutorial DVD is for you. After watching this video will you have the know-how to confidently root the hair of your reborn baby doll.

The topics covered in this instructional DVD include the following:

  • The different grades and colors of doll hair
  • Differences between various kinds of doll hair
  • The fibers you should avoid and why
  • When to root doll hair and when to use a wig
  • The rooting needles that are the best and why
  • Where in the reborning process to root your doll's hair
  • The right way to hold a rooting needle
  • What can go wrong while rooting
  • Cutting doll hair
  • Rooting eyelashes and eyebrows

When hand-rooting is done right, everyone will think your baby must have grown the hair, it looks that lifelike!

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