English Mohair: 1 ounce package

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English Mohair
1 ounce package
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Made in the tradition of English Mohair. Excellent for hand-rooting realistic heads of hair on your reborn baby dolls!

This type of mohair takes longer to produce and the result is smoother and more evenly dyed. This is a medium or better grade of mohair. Offered in packets of 1oz.


Rooting Needles 38g for Baby Hair PreCut - 8 Pack
Top quality 38gauge 3-barb hand-rooting needles.

Already cut for you: top quality 38 gauge 3-barb hand-rooting needles.

Hand-rooting hair, as opposed to using a doll wig, is one of the most effective ways to create a realistic-looking reborn baby. It can truly look as though the baby doll grew the hair herself! This technique of applying hair is called micro-rooting. Effective micro-rooting requires a very fine yet strong needle that will grab only a few hairs at a time (not large chunks). These needles are the highest quality available and are perfectly constructed for top quality micro-rooting.

There are 8 needles in each packet.

Click here to watch a tutorial from Secrist's instructional DVD Rooting Your Reborn Baby.

Wooden Pin Vise Rooting Tool
Use pre-cut rooting needles.

This wooden handle pin vise holds the rooting needles for putting hair on your reborn baby doll. This pin vise is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic designs you will find.

Rooting a full head of hair takes time, the mushroom-shape of this pin vise distributes the pressure evenly over the palm of your hand to help prevent hand fatigue during the rooting process.

This pin vise does not have low-quality rubber bands to hold the needles in place but instead uses a metal chuck just like an electric hand drill uses. This feature grips the needle better without jiggling around.

Please noteBe sure to use pre-cut rooting needles with this pin-vise.

If you would like very thorough instructions in the use of this tool for micro-rooting, consider purchasing the Authentic Reborn training DVD, Rooting Your Reborn Baby.